Viktor Frankl
Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997). Founder of logotherapy and existential analysis.

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) is a psychotherapy modality that helps individuals respond to suffering (pain, guilt, and loss) using the capacities of the human spirit to improve their quality of life and well-being through the search for meaning actualizing universal and personal values (logotherapy) and strengthening their sense of freedom and autonomy (existential analysis).

The therapeutic process starts by exploring if meaninglessness in life is affecting the client with the presence of an existential vacuum (minimal actualization of values), existential distress (conflicts in the actualization of values) or existential frustration (failure in the actualization of values).

It continues by exploring which components of the tragic triad of suffering is affecting the client: Pain (facticity): After events that happen to the individual without their responsibility, related to a traumatic event or illness. Guilt (decisiveness): Originates from decisions the individual has made, related to his conscience and responsibility. Loss (finiteness): Questions the time limitation in life and relationships, related to memories and legacy.

Once there is an existential understanding about the problem, the client can explore the possibilities to find meaning by actualizing creative values at work (ethos), experiential values in relationships (eros) or attitudinal values when facing suffering (pathos).

Logotherapy mobilizes the capacities of the human spirit for self-distancing and self-transcendence. Existential analysis appeals to the free will of the human spirit to gain a sense of agency and autonomy. These capacities and attributes of the human spirit help the client find meaning in life by envisioning possibilities to actualize values.

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis can be used as a specific therapy to address meaninglessness in life and as general therapy combined with other treatments to utilize the human spirit as a source of healing.

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