Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) was founded by Viktor E. Frankl, MD, PhD (1905-1997).

LTEA helps individuals alleviate existential suffering and improve their quality of life and well-being through finding meaning in their lives by responding to the tragic triad of human existence (pain, guilt, and loss) realizing universal values (creative, experiential and attitudinal) and mobilizing the capacities of the human spirit.

The therapeutic process starts by exploring how personal values are important in understanding the client’s presentation and the consequences of life experiences on the client’s health. This exploration will lead toward establishing meaningful and purposeful goals in therapy (Existential Formulation).

Meaning centered interventions will follow the Existential Formulation with specific experiential exercises tailored for each client.

Evaluation of progress will be gathered throughout the therapy.

All our services are provided online (Videoconferencing).

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