Logotherapy and Existential Analysis was developed by Viktor E. Frankl, MD, PhD (1905-1997), an Austrian psychiatrist, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, and founder of the third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.

The Ottawa Institute of Logotherapy offers training in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis through a continuing education certificate program consisting of professional development courses. For each course, there is a certificate of completion for 30 continuing education hours and after completing four courses, a professional development Certificate in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis is awarded.

New Books 2020!

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Carried by the Spirit

Carried by the Spirit: Our Hearts Sing. Discerning Meaning during the COVID-19 Pandemic is now available on Amazon. The book contains an article by Viktor E Frankl published for the first time in English and the contribution of 33 authors. Proceeds of this book will be donated to the UN charity for aiding refugees and displaced persons.

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Well Being through Meaning

Wellbeing through Meaning brings awareness to the importance of meaning in preventing burnout and increasing resilience for helping professionals. Burnout and resilience are considered an existential dialectic that can be brought into balance through meaning-centered interventions. Concepts such as self-awareness, self-care, self-transcendence, psychological safety, meaning in life, human development, neurobiological basis of the freedom of will, resilience, decision making, organizational culture and values are explored. Based on current literature and research, the book aims to help the reader form a personal meta-theory encompassing a thorough understanding of burnout, resilience, and wellbeing through meaning.