The anthropological foundations of logotherapy are based on Viktor E. Frankl’s belief that humans are motivated by the search for meaning and purpose in their lives. Frankl believed that the search for meaning is an essential aspect of human nature.

According to Frankl, the will to meaning is what gives humans a sense of purpose and direction in life, and it is what allows them to overcome adversity and find meaning even in difficult circumstances.

Frankl’s anthropological approach emphasizes the uniqueness, dignity, and value of every human being. He believed that each individual has a unique purpose and contribution to make to the world, and that it is through the pursuit of meaning that individuals can fully realize their potential.

In addition to these anthropological foundations, logotherapy also draws on concepts from existential philosophy, including the idea that individuals are free to choose their own path in life, and that they must take responsibility for their choices and actions. By emphasizing personal responsibility and the pursuit of meaning, logotherapy encourages individuals to take an active role in creating their own lives, rather than simply reacting to external circumstances.