Spiritual Direction

Logotherapy and Spiritual Direction is a professional development course following the spirituality of Saint John Paul II. The course explores the contributions of logotherapy and existential analysis to spirituality.

The course is offered online, consisting of five Units with readings, one hour of tutoring via Zoom and a written assignment of 500 words per Unit. It is offered individually and can be started at any time with a flexible schedule.

A certificate of completion for 30 continuing education hours will be awarded to successful participants.

Unit 1: Logotherapy and personalism

Describes the relationship between Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy and Saint John Paul II’s personalism.

Unit 2: Discernment and conscience

Contemplates discernment as a reflection on universal values as guiding principles of future behaviour when making important decisions in life.

Unit 3: Spirituality as a personal relationship

Considers the concept of love and the role of following virtuous models to live meaningfully.

Unit 4: The role of the freedom of will in spiritual relationships

Reflection on the evangelical counsels (poverty, chastity and obedience) as a free commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Unit 5: Spiritual life in community

Ponders how meaningful relationships lead to communities of meaning as lights to the world and how meaningful spiritual communities strengthen individuals in body, mind and spirit.

Course textbook:

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