Mental Health

Logotherapy and mental health is a professional development course on the applications of logotherapy and existential analysis in the treatment of mental disorders. Logotherapy can be applied as a specific therapy when a sense of meaninglessness is present or as a more general therapy complementing other treatment modalities by mobilizing the attributes and capacities of the human spirit.

Unit 1: Mood disorders

The search for meaning can be a motivating force to achieve behavioral activation which has been found to be an effective in the psychotherapeutic treatment of depression.

Unit 2: Anxiety disorders

Mobilizing the capacities of the human spirit for self-distancing and self-transcendence through logotherapy are helpful for exposure therapy and improve confidence.

Unit 3: Psychotic disorders

Logotherapy and existential analysis in psychosis aims at discovering and developing healthy personal resources for the individual to actualize values and find life meaningful.

Unit 4: Posttraumatic stress disorder

Logotherapy is used in trauma work to mobilize the resources of the human spirit to find a meaningful response to painful memories, alleviate suffering and become more engaged with life.

Unit 5: Developmental disorders

Logotherapy helps individuals with developmental disorders to achieve their full potential through discovering strengths and establishing meaningful relationships.

Course textbook:

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: Principles and Methods of Meaning Centered Psychotherapy (In press). Coming soon!

There are readings and a written assignment for each of the 5 Units of the course. A certificate of completion for 30 continuing education hours will be awarded to successful participants.

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