Health Promotion

Logotherapy and Health Promotion is a professional development course on how to live meaningfully and develop well-being and resilience.

The course is offered online, consisting of five Units with readings, one hour of tutoring via Zoom and a written assignment of 500 words per Unit. It is offered individually and can be started at any time with a flexible schedule.

A certificate of completion for 30 continuing education hours will be awarded to successful participants.

Unit 1: Development and Education

Reflects on the exercise of the capacities of conscience to discern meaning and education to be value-discerning.

Unit 2: Character and Personality

Considers the importance of the search for meaning in developing personality in contrast with character which is shaped by temperament and the environment.

Unit 3: Ethics

Explores the ethics of values (truth, beauty and goodness). Creative values at work (ethos), experiential values in relationships (eros) and attitudinal values in facing suffering (pathos).

Unit 4: Love and Relationships

Discusses the meaning of love and meaningful relationships through shared values.

Unit 5: Logotherapy for Healthy Living

Reflects on the applications of logotherapy in preventing burnout and developing resilience.

Course textbook:

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