Existential Suffering

Logotherapy and Existential Suffering is the third course of the professional development Diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

Unit 1: Despair and Suicide

Discusses how suffering without meaning can lead to suicide and considers prevention strategies using logotherapy and existential analysis.

Unit 2: Violence and Aggression

Ponders on the roots of antisocial behavior and how logotherapy and existential analysis can be applied in this area.

Unit 3: Addictions

Describes how logotherapy and existential analysis is applied in the treatment of addictions.

Unit 4: The tragic triad of human existence: Pain, Guilt and Loss

Reviews the applications of logotherapy and existential analysis in alleviating suffering.

Unit 5: Social meaninglessness

Reflects on the consequences of meaninglessness in communities and how logotherapy can help.

Course textbook:

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