Clinical Supervision

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis is applied in clinical supervision.

Considering the autobiographical method on the thoughts, feelings, and responses to past supervision experiences.

Reflecting on the therapist’s self care with the use of the logotherapeutic value-triad to develop resilience and prevent burnout: (a) Creative values. What the therapist can do to take care of themselves. (b) Experiential values. How the therapist can develop meaningful working relationships. (c) Attitudinal values. The reason of the therapist’s work and their mission to alleviate suffering.

Pondering on how the supervisory relationship can develop meaningful and purposeful goals in the best interest of the client/s and introduces the application of logotherapeutic meditation circles in group supervision.

Contemplating on the ethics of universal values and exploring the value triad to as the guiding principles: (a) Creative values, i.e. knowledge and skills (ethos). (b) Experiential values, i.e. empathy and the therapeutic alliance (eros). (c) Attitudinal values, i.e. developing attentive meaning sensitivity to face challenging situations (pathos).

Evaluating the skills and competencies in applying the methods of logotherapy and existential analysis.

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